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    A mindset is your thoughts and ideas about something. Think about how putting yourself in a role as an explorer can help you build a positive mindset about learning.

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    Launch Curiosity Video Nat Geo Curiosity Video

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    Curiosity is the drive to discover and understand. Think about how important curiosity is to learning and in everyday life. Use the video above to help you describe what curiosity means to you

    • Wonder, Awe
    • Adventurousness
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    Launch Responsibility Video Nat Geo Responsibility Video

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    Responsibility means to show care and respect for yourself and others

    • Respect
    • Empathy
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    Launch Empowerment Video Nat Geo Empowerment Video

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    Empowerment means to act on ideas, use talents and interests, reach goals, be adaptable, and show grit in the face of challenges

    • Grit
    • Adaptability
    • Growth Mindset
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    Which visual do you think best represents each attitude?

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    Which visual do you think best represents each skill?

    Explorer Mindset: Skills

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    Observation Visual

    • Focus
    • Data Collecting

    Communication Visual

    Collaboration Visual

    Problem Solving Visual

    • Reasoning
    • Creativity
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