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    What is the question, topic, idea, task, or issue I want to Explore?

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    What I want to Explore:

    Think of questions that will help you explore...How? Why? What? Are there different angles, scales or perspectives I can ask questions about? What questions do I need to ask to explore this? (max 170 characters)

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    What I want to Explore:

    How can exploring this help you build responsibility and respect for yourself and others? What different perspectives might you learn? (max 140 characters)

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    What I want to Explore:

    What are some ways I can take action, try something new or make a positive impact while exploring this? (max 100 characters)

    What obstacles might I have and how will I overcome them? (max 100 characters)

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    What data/information can I collect? -Or- What do I need to notice or observe? (Remember observations can be made through all of our senses: smell, sight, hearing, touch, taste) (max 140 characters)

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    How can I collect and share information? (Drawing, writing, discussing, storytelling, reading and research, etc) (max 140 characters)

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    Who can I work with to help me with this project? (max 140 characters)

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    How can thinking creatively help me explore this? How can I approach it with more than one idea or option? What tools do I need to explore this? (max 140 characters)

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